We’re a pair of translators, natives from Italy and Argentina with 10 years of experience.
We work to keep cultural and commercial ties alive between
Italy and Argentina.


I'm Argentinean and as a child I moved to Italy, where I lived for 25 years and graduated in Economic Sciences. I went on to work in diverse industries, travelling the world as a sales representative and also for personal interest.


My experience as a traveler and my interest for culture, history and languages brought me to develop my skills as a translator and a language teacher.


Ever since I returned to Argentina, my work has been enriched by inviting Italian tourists to know the little-publicised wonders of this country and accompanying Argentinians to discover the highlights/destinations and treasures of Italy that are not possible to find through the pages of travel guides.

My translation fields of specialisation are: IT, music, audio equipment & software, and technology.

Besides my working languages (Spanish, English, and Italian) I also speak French, Portuguese and some German.


I am Italian and in 2014 I moved to Argentina together with Lucas.


In Italy, I graduated as an Electric Engineer and worked on-site for a multinational company. Soon I began to integrate my activities with translation and localisation of technical manuals and company documents.


In 2012 I was selected as a contract linguist for the European Union and in 2017 I obtained the Diploma in Translations of the UK Charter Institute of Linguists (DipTrans IoLET, EN⇾IT).

I have worked in Italy, in the United States, and in Argentina. I am a member of the ATA in the US and the CIOL in the UK.

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