We’re a team of translators, natives from Italy and Argentina with 10+ years of experience.
Our mission is to preserve cultural and commercial ties between
Italy, Argentina 
and the US.


I'm Argentinian and as a child I moved to Italy, where I lived for 25 years and graduated in economic sciences. I went on to work in diverse industries, travelling the world as a sales representative and also for leisure.


My experience as a traveler and my interest in culture, history and languages brought me to hone my skills as a translator and a language teacher.


Since returning to Argentina, my work has been enriched by guiding Italian tourists to discover the lesser known wonders of this country and accompanying Argentinians to admire the highlights and treasures of Italy that are not normally found in travel guides.

My translation specializations include: IT, music, audio equipment/software, and technology.

While fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian, I am also proficient in French, Portuguese and German.


I am Italian and in 2014 I moved to Argentina together with Lucas.

In Italy, I graduated as an electric engineer and worked on-site for a multinational company. Soon I began to integrate my activities with translation and localization of technical manuals and company documents.


In 2012 I was selected as a contract linguist for the European Union, in 2017 I obtained the Diploma in Translations of the UK Chartered Institute of Linguists (DipTrans IoLET, EN⇾IT), and in 2020 I completed a postgrad in Specialized Legal Translation at the University of Genoa, Italy.

I have worked in Italy, in the United States, and in Argentina. I am a member of the ATA in the US and the CIOL in the UK.

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