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Perseverance, patience... and learn Italian!

After her husband was recognized an Italian citizen iure sanguinis, C. didn't hesitate to step up the challenge, study Italian, and apply for Italian Citizenship by marriage

Interviewing C., who had to pass the language exam to apply for Italian Citizenship iure matrimoni (by right of marriage to an Italian Citizen) through the Italian Consulate in San Francisco. Spouses of Italian citizens can apply for Italian Citizenship after 3 years of marriage. This waiting period is halved in case of children.

How long did it take to collect all the records?

1-2 months.

How was your experience with the Italian language exam?

I passed with decent scores, but it was much harder than I had anticipated.

Name the hardest and the easiest part of your journey:

Hardest was the exam; easiest was FBI background check process.

A word of advice for prospective applicants:


How long did it take to get recognized?

Approximately 16 months.

Your first trip with your Italian passport was or will be to:

Italy! Hopefully in 2022.

Fingers crossed and buon viaggio!


Service provided:

- translation from English to Italian of her US birth record, California police record, FBI background check.

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